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Donation: BCM5354 5
Siemens SE515 3
Sell Unibody MacBook Pro 3
FS: wrt54g v2.2 with Kamizake 8.09 installed 2
Best bet for USB 2.0 and Wireless? 7
OpenWRT Router with USB2 and Voip 4
Wanted: Edimax BR-6104K(P) or Sweex LB000021 Router 3
Is there someone developing the opnwrt, let's have a communication 2
What´s best 802.11n with USB port to NAS and full openWRT suport? 4
[donate] Thomson St530 1
Netgear Wnr3500l 8
Unwanted CheckPoint (SofaWare) Safe@Office 500W ADSL Demo Unit 5
.> PC Engines Alix.3C 2
I'm looking for some powerfull AP about 1W with OpenWrt Support. 13
Router Donation 2
SELL: linksys WRTSL54GS and netgear WGT624 & RP614 4
WANTED: WL500W casing / bricked WL500w 2
Get a free wgt634u 4
FS: WRT54G v1, WRT54G v2 (+ aftermarket 7dBi antennas) 4
Optimal Hardware for UMTS Router 2
Re-selling a moded router, any legal issues? 1
Take my stuff 2
Micro SD wi-fi cards 1
Install at Lancom L-305agn or L-54g 1
openwrt Sitecom WL-322 2