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1-wire support for Edimax BR-6104K (should work with other routers). 1
newest wget package 4
Network Block Device (NBD) and nbd-client 1
anyremote 1
Asterisk 1.4.16 and Zaptel 45
hd44780 driver using GPIO pins 2
ppp 2.4.4 11
can't get chan_mobile working, please help me 2
New OpenWrt Kamikaze Release in August 18
New iptables weburl module & iptables auto-patcher 6
Looking for developer to work on custom firmware build ....L2 redirect 1
[NEEDED] New forum item entry 1
Dynamic DNS Scripts 20
Manufacture of OpenWRT based routers 7
Work-In-Progress Day (WIP-Day) 24
CyaSSL and TaoCrypt support for OpenWrt 1
SITECOM WL-111 Please help about flashing, 1
Packages of interest to webcam users: libv4l and v4lgrab. 1
Bulletproof testing environment 6
New OpenWrt package: Driver for Velleman K8055 USB I/O board 13
samba3 19
NeoRouter - the zero-config VPN solution for OpenWRT 3
IRMP3 / libiconv problem 1
Atheros releases ISC-licensed Linux driver for USB wi-fi chipsets!!!!! 3
Dir-615 Revision A1 3