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Topic: OpenWrt support for the new Ubiquiti PowerStation2

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Ubiquiti Networks has introduced their latest addition to the Open Product Platform, the PowerStation2. The PowerStation2 is the world's first platform designed for OpenWrt and it's the world's first open 802.11 product platform specifically tuned for outdoor wireless communities. The product embodies a combination of Ubiquiti's innovations in radio, antenna, and industrial design.

Integrated with the radio is an embedded hi-gain antenna based on Ubiquiti's patent-pending Adaptive Antenna Polarity (AAP) technology. With AAP technology, the antenna can be statically software switched between vertical and horizontal polarities. In addition, an adaptive mode allows for the beam polarities to be switched dynamically on the fly for improved performance in heavy noise environments. In the case of PowerStation2 (2.4GHz), all of this is done utilizing a single, efficient 18dBi antenna with better than 25dB polarity isolation.


"Today, much of the broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider community depends on low-end solutions to expand their network subscriber base cost-effectively. While these CPE solutions can provide some benefits such as cost-savings and flexibility, they also have their disadvantages which may include performance limitations, installation difficulties, and product reliability . With PowerStation, Ubiquiti has introduced a new platform with hopes to solve these problems while maintaining a cost-effective price point as well as a flexible, open-software approach for OEM customization. Best of all, it features numerous design innovations which we believe will contribute to superior network deployments capable of smarter operation and greater performance." said Robert J. Pera, President at Ubiquiti Networks.

At the core of the product is Ubiquiti's market-leading radio design featuring hi-power combined with an advanced receiver architecture enabling link distances beyond 30km and TCP/IP throughput greater than 50Mbps .

Perhaps what stands out the most about the Powerstation solution is its innovative industrial design which fuses together a custom die-cast metal hardware capsule and an industrial grade plastic housing to produce a highly reliable, weatherproof solution capable of sustained operation over temperatures ranging from -45C to +85C. In addition, the PowerStation features a tool-less installation and mounting procedure combined with intelligent LED alignment indicators allowing for quick installation for deployment operators.

For the hardware details please check Ubiquiti's site or the wiki.

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