OpenWrt goes industrial.

With the completion of porting to the AMCC Taishan evaluation board, OpenWrt has taken another step to providing a solution to hardware solution providers. The AMCC Taishan is the first of their boards to be supported and uses the high performance PowerPC 440GX processor running at 800Mhz.

The board comes with 2x1Gb/s Ethernet ports and two PCI-X slots. It also provides 32 GPIO, 2 serial ports, 256Mb of DDR-DRAM and 64Mb of NOR Flash. We aim to support the other PowerPC evaluation boards in the range, details will be held on the Table of Hardware in the Wiki.

OpenWrt is often seen as an alternative to vendor supplied firmware, however the framework it supplies can also be used to reduce the cost of product development and support. It supplies a clear path for updates and security fixes and provides value added with a comprehensive selection of packages.

We are pleased to see AMCC take active participation in the OpenWrt project and welcome them into the community.

OpenWrt Developers