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Topic: NoCatSplash on WRT54G

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Hi guys,
I m actually trying to implement a new firmware for my router linksys WRT54G in order to get my WIFI upload an active portal using NoCatSplash whenever a machine comes around.  I m prettey close to the final result but I can t figure out why my fireware is flashed each time I turn off the access point. It seems that each time the access point power is turned down we need to reinstall the NoCatSplash, which is really inconvenient for me.
Any suggestion can help

Is it support  other mode ?  I'm looking solution for
check user,password same nocatauth

Can some one help me ?

Dome C.


Can you test  I think may be it's better than nocatsplash.

Please compile and give me ipkg  file smile (I never compile any thing)

Thanks you.

Hi dome,

just looked at chillispot and it needs perl installed on the web server to use UAM (Universal Access Method). If you intend to use your router as the authentication web server, we must wait for a perl package or write a cgi that will do the same.

Do you have a RADIUS server ? it's also needed for authentication to work.


       I try to test chillispot in my linux box. but don't work. I'll test again. Are you test it?

So my idea. Run chillispot in Wrt54G  and send URL  to
another  Web Server and Authen to Another Radius Server
Can it's work in Thia case ?

Example                      /-[Web,Radius Server]
  ( 0 )-------             / 
   ( 0 )-------  [ Wrt54 G ]
  ( 0 )-------/

Dome C.


a package in on his way, but the kernel lacked IPC (Inter Process Communication) and TUN device driver. I'm building a new firmware image, that will be required to test chillispot.

While waiting, can you test the pptp-server with the ppp-radius-plugin against you own radius server ?

Did you try NoCatSplash ?


       NoCatSplash  can't so billing. Now i test chillispo on my linux PC  it's look good.

Waiting for you package smile

Hi Dome,

Ok, that's done.

First, you must install the experimental firmware [1] for TUN device and System V IPC in-kernel support.
Next, you must point your ipkg.conf to the experimental packages repository [2] and install the tun-module and chillispot packages

ipkg update
ipkg install tun-module
ipkg install chillispot

insmod tun

chillispot -d -f

Happy testing wink


I am looking for CHILLISPOT for my WRT54G. Will I able to install U'r packages on WRT54G?
I am newbie to LINUX compiling and too new for OPENWRT any guidance will be appreciable.


      I fail in love your firmware.  lol Can you give me 2 packages sir. openvpn and quagga 


Thanks NICO!!!

I finally got nocatsplash working on my wrt54gcs.
It works Great.
I can't wait till nocatsplash supports custom authentication


       I use nocatsplash before. not easy to customize authen. Please move to chiilispot. it's support radius authen, accounting.

Dome C.

dome, kwesibrunee,

can you post the details of your setup and installation steps for chillispot and nocatsplash ?



I didn't install OpenWRT on WRT54G but maanged to download a firmware from
I am using WRT54G version 1.1 and nocatsplash from above firmware ... seems works fine.
If U want to customize SPLASH HTML PAGE U need to change splash.hml and then compile Sources for new firmware which is what I will be doing this weekend.

Has anyone installed Chillispot under WRT54G?I am desparately looking for some feedback on this. I know NICO has built a Package for openWRT but it says nottestedatall in status which worries me. sad

I do have a Freeradius server which could be used for RADIUS authentication ....please conatct me in case U need any Help for RADIUS server.

Sagar Patil

Nico, Anyone Else

Setup is fairly straightforward.
Simply install nocatsplash and its dependancies: base-system and libpthread.

The only customization of nocat I needed was to uncomment the DNSaddress line and put in my ISP's DNS.

The only other problem I ran into was missing some kernel modules required by nocatsplash... namely ipt_mac.o

You can verify you have all the appropriate modules etc.. by looking in /usr/lib/nocat/ here there is a list which details which IPTables modules are needed.

I was using Nico's 06052004 firmware which had everything but ipt_mac.o compiled in already. I extracted the appropriate file from nico's kpackage and insmod'ed to enable it.

Hope this is helpful to someone....


Hi kwesibrunee,
Have U installed Chillispot or just nocatsplash?
I managed to get NOCATSPLASH working but not Chillispot. The basic difference between splash and chillispot is User Authentication via extrenal RADIUS server.

Could U explain U'r setup there please?
Sorry for hassle ...I am a real beginner when comes to WRT54G.

Sagar Patil

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