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Topic: console cable tips

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Having some problems with a console cable built from a DKU-5.. My RX works fine and can see the WGT634U rebooting every 5 seconds, but I can't seem to get decent output from the TX strand. Connecting the two together gives some pretty whacky output on my console screen, although I do occasionally get the correct characters echo'd back to me after a bit of fiddling.

Does anyone have any tips to overcome this? I've tried stripping back some of the insulation around the RX flex in case the wire was a bit dirty, but it's not made any difference.

Any tips/hints much appreciated.

Connecting the RX and TX is a loopback test.

You might get a few stray characters when you first connect them, but once connected it should cleanly echo back whatever is sent. If you still get garbage check the connections you may have a short in the cable itself.

(if you're not using a pl2303 then you'll need to hook up vcc and gnd before the loopback test will work)

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