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Topic: Old Cisco Aironet 340

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We have the opportunity to secure a large amount of old cisco 340 aps.
Any thoughts on getting openwrt onto one of these?
I'm currently trying to get more specs on the hardware.
After disassembly of one of our 'test' group aps, I know:
It uses a standard 340 PCMCIA adapter on the board (AIR-LCM342). Installing this in ubuntu and it picks right up as a standard wifi card wink
Discovered it has a telco jack on the back (the bsm supports ppoe, may have been firmware controlled...great for our local market!)
Using a XILINX chip and appears to have a motorola chip on board
I do see an intel chip and what appears to be memory chips on board.

Any thoughts, feedback or ideas would be great! I'm willing to spend some time researching and working towards some sort of solution for this. the in-built firmware is horribly outdated and lacking many basic features.

Thanks so much!


More info...not really good news.
From what I can find on the flash chip (intel e28f800) it appears to be an 8mbit storage...means 1 mb. That sounds too small to do much with.
We could do without the webgui and many other things (listed in the 2mb flash thread) like ipv6 and such.
Lan is Crytal LAN

Still interested in any thoughts on this!


I can provide a router for R&D if that would spark any interest?

search the forum, I think 1MB of flash is not enough for OpenWRT ...

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