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Topic: German ADSL router in the United Kingdom

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Hey there,

I have a flashed Siemens router that I have successfully been using in Germany. Now I moved to the United Kingdom, and their ADSL connection looks quite a bit different from the German one (I think it is RJ11 instead of the RJ45). Does anybody know whether I'll be able to use this German router in the UK? Is there some kind of adaptor or can it not be connected without a UK ADSL modem?



the Siemens machine you got is just an IP router (and eth/ath switch). There's no DSL modem built in. The RJ11 coming from the splitter carries the ADSL over POTS/ISDN signal, and you need an ADSL modem (w/ RJ11 in and RJ45 out) to "convert" it to eth frames.

I can send you a similar device (SE515, currently not Open/DD-WRT flashable) w/ ADSL modem built in (if there's space in hand luggage left).

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