I have 2xRB532A (with 2xmini-pci expension slot), i'm running a kernel (Openwrt patchs).
I recently buy this card to add storage capacity on one unit.
http://www.globalamericaninc.com/new_sp … php?id=933
Board PCI ID = 0x3164

During RouterBoot process I have this message:

[size=10]RouterBOOT booter 1.9

          RouterBoard 532A

          CPU frequency: 330 MHz
            Memory size:  64 MB
          bad VIA ethernet PCI device or vendor id
          bad VIA ethernet PCI device or vendor id

          Press any key within 5 seconds to enter setup.....
          Booting CF
          Loading kernel... done
          setting up elf image... OK
          jumping to kernel code
          Linux version (root@zeus) (gcc version 3.4.6 (Debian 3.4.6-4)) #8 Tue Oct 2 20:50:45 CEST 2007

After that the system boot correctly from flash but without any PCI devices detected (eth1, eth2, wifi-cards,...).
That's the result of lspci:

          [size=10]zeus:~# lspci
          00:00.0 Non-VGA unclassified device: Integrated Device Technology, Inc. Unknown device 0000

There is a mistake somewhere in PCI init.
Is it possible to init this device during RouterBoot(BIOS) process ?
If not is it possible to add a seconde boot process to initialise the PCI bus ? (like U-Boot or something else)
Is there something to do in kernel/driver source ?

It's very important for me to have more disk space on my board.
Any help will be very appreciated.


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