Dear All

It is about time to bring a short wrap-up of what happened during 24c3 and a rather chaotic WIP-Day ;-)

24c3 was a hectic and energetic as previous years, and amongst many activities the first day of the Congress hosted both a OpenWrt developer meeting and a public workshop which lasted until far into the night (with both hacking and drinking).

The OpenWrt developer meeting was focused on what the year 2008 would bring and a look back at the past development phase.
Amongst the things which will require more attention, is the more direct communication of the fact that OpenWrt has expanded from being exclusively targeted at wireless systems. Today OpenWrt is a complete embedded system, supporting a wide range of platforms, and this has to be communicated more clearly to a broader audience and user-group.
The last period has seen hectic development and trunk has often been broken, due to the process of complete re-writing and integration of new elements in the source-tree. This situation will probably continue for the time being - but please don't dispare, there will soon be a new stable release (hopefully 8.01) and the future will bring a multiplicity of new functinalities in the Kamikaze branch.
The "infrastructure" of (e.g. the array of hosting servers) is still somewhat in shambles. We are all still waiting for the new wiki to go public, but this will happen in due time. It has been decided that the new OpenWrt wiki will have to be re-created - this will entail that only "living" information from the old (present MoinMoin wiki) will be moved to the new. The old wiki will after this phase of editing be made read-only and kept in the air for 9-12 months before it will go into permanent storage. It is here very important to underline that non of the present content will be deleted and that it will be made accesible in the future. It is the hope of all present developers that everyone who has been contributing and everyone who is contributing will help with the re-building and updating of the new wiki - when this is to take place.
One of the other decisions which took place during the meeting was that the OpenWrt developer-group as a whole appointed nbd (Felix Fietkau) to be 'Chief of Technology' for the future periode.
Finally - a number of OpenWrt developers will attend FOSDEM 2008 in Brussels and CeBit in Hannover, so there will at both occasions be opportunity to meet and discuss issues relating to and development.

WIP-Day @ 24c3
The day both began and ended in more or less chaos, I'm still not sure how many managed to hear the live-radio streaming. The "show" contained a couple of interviews music and comments all in all lasting a couple of hours (and for those who listened to it - yes, a lot of it was in German). In other words, it is not easy to re-tell what took place.

The up-comming WIP-Day at the end of this month might unfortunately have to be cancelled, due to me going on family vacation for two weeks in a part of the world beyond permanent broadband connections. Should anybody be interested in be guest-host then grab the chance and do the kick-off of WIP-Day @ UTC 12:00 on the last saturday in the month?
If nothing else everything will be back to normal in the month of February.