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Topic: OpenWrt presentation at the Fosdem 2008 in Brussels

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We thank everyone who attented the OpenWrt Fosdem 2008 presentation. The room was crowded and a lot of good questions got raised.

Paper submitted during the Call for Paper:

PDF of the presentation:

Sources of the paper and the presentation can be found here: … m/sources/

Very nice!

On the first slide of the presentation.pdf there is a typo. Lenght = Length smile

Thanks Florian smile. And thanks to you other devs for turning up so numerously and answering our questions!

and Openwrt will be present again next weekend at
John Crispin (Blogic) and Felix will be talking about it on Saturday on the first speech on the Embedded Track … penwrt_uci

OpenWrt: UCI and beyond

Most embedded routers and similar devices have traditionally limited themselves to a very static system, typically providing the web interface as the only means of doing any configuration.

OpenWrt intends to solve this problem in a generic way by providing a structured, extensible and modular configuration system, which does not limit itself to being the backend of a web interface.

    John Crispin
    Felix Fietkau

Day     Saturday
Room     Lameere
Start time     13:00
End time     14:00
Duration     01:00

Event type     Podium
Track     Embedded
Language     English

i missed last year's edition, but i'll be there this time smile

the presentation was great! will the slides be available?

The discussion might have continued from here.