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Topic: OpenWRT Fonera <-> exchange for asterisk 1.4

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Print the image below with 10,5cm width and 6,5cm height

I still got 2 Fonera Routers I don't need, so I'm giving one to the first one to give me a working asterisk 1.4 for my fonera router. Thank you in advance.

Fonera is not "mipsel", it's "mips".

bock wrote:

Fonera is not "mipsel", it's "mips".

but exactly the same procedure applies: replace "mipsel" with "atheros" in directory naming and select "atheros" target in make menuconfig


Thanks a lot! I quickly mirrored the folder.

I am at work right now, I will test it as soon as possible (in 8 hours +-2).

I am also compiling the svn-checkout myself on a dedicated server (gentoo), just changed the arch to Atheros and selected "All Packages" and and "SDK" - I will try to get it working both ways (my own ones and yours, if mine won't work)... if your confiduration differs, I'd appreciate it if you posted it.

Meanwhile mail me your address for your fonera router... and tell me if you want an original one with fonera firmware or one that already comes with redboot and openwrt.

edit: Failed on "jpg" - trying with only asterisk packages now

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I'm failing, and I'm not sure if I really need zaptel...

  make[4] -C feeds/packages/libs/zaptel-1.4.x compile
  *** zaptel-1.4.x compile failed
Build failed. Please re-run make with V=99 to see what's going on
make: *** [world] Error 1

I'll try your resporsitory later and let you know about it

bock wrote:

I have problems installing your compiled package

root@OpenWrt:~# ipkg install asterisk14
Installing asterisk14 (1.4.18-2) to root...
Downloading … 2_mips.ipk
Installing libpopt (1.7-4) to root...
Downloading … 4_mips.ipk

it's not continuing for 20 minutes now, I think this is not normal...

you might need to check package size vs. free space and if I remember correctly, a reboot in between might lighten things up a bit (I don't know what causes this behaviour though); I think I managed to install it in the end by downloading packages manually with wget and then install them from local storage


okay, doing this this evening

just found out that I went over disk space quota for the website when uploading the atheros repository, and some files were truncated to 0 bytes because of that. I cleaned up some space and uploaded the atheros repository again.
Please reinstall at least libpthread (was truncated to 0 bytes), libpopt, libncurses and asterisk14 and try again.


Still not working, also installed it from scratch... installed each package seperately and it still hangs when installing the libpthread package... I will try the official libpthread with the new asterisk package this evening

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Did you get asterisk working? If not then maybe you could connect one of those fonera boxes to Internet and PM me access. So I can test my compiled packages.

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