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Topic: what is the cheapest hardware that runs OpenWRT?

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Aside of one time ebay deals and good luck at Goodwill, what is the cheapest hardware that runs OpenWRT?


We have in stock a reliable embedded controller running OpenWrt, mini-Python, Java VM and other packages and it's well priced. Accessories include USB programming/console cable and Squidge OpenWRT distribution on a Kingston Mini 1GB flash disk (DTM/1GB). This is available for one off next day delivery or bulk orders.

Our new automation system will also be based on this embedded controller and we intend to keep this item in stock at all times for the forseeable future. A range of additional sensors/devices will also be made available over the next few months that can be controlled using this board. … ctid=16140

Hope this is of use.


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A Linksys WRT54G can be had new for around $50 in Canada I believe.  The Routerboard 133C is less than $70 before you buy a power supply, antenna, wireless card and case.

I've been buying the wrt54gl's about $60 -$70 USD.  I know there are cheaper. … ctid=16140

This does look good and I'll probably look at it later, but I am looking for something with on board wireless now (with an atheros chip would be great).

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I'm a fan of the Netgear WGT634U - they seem to be pretty cheap on eBay:
eBay Completed Auctions: WGT634U (You might have to be logged as an eBay user to see these results)

damn, in our region they sell them @ebay as 50EURO minimum. lucky you, american guys

There is nothing cheaper than Fonera....

Slammer wrote:

There is nothing cheaper than Fonera....

I'm very interested in the Fonera, just can't quite make the decision to buy one without some assurance that I'll be able to hack the latest models.  Any advice appreciated.


Looks like Justdeals is selling another case of Netgear WGT634U - eBay only, I didn't see them on their website. Their feedback percentage is lower than I prefer, but that's where I got my first two routers, so I'd be willing to deal with them again... and I just might!

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