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Topic: Looking for an ADSL/WIFI/switch router openwrt ready or near

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I'm looking for a model of router for running openwrt and have :

-ADSL connection (PPOE)
-WIFI with antenna I can change if needed
-ethernet switch

An USB port will be a dream...

Do you know/have such a model ?

Thanks for your answers.

Regards ,


DSL Modems ? I am looking for a model as well.

Routers with built-in DSL modems typically use either Texas Instruments or Broadcom chipsets. Support for the Broadcom ones in OpenWRT is VERY experimental, but USB and wi-fi may be expected to work with some effort. The TI ones have been known to work well in OpenWRT for quite some time, but USB and wi-fi support are both broken right now.

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