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Topic: Where to buy openwrt supported Router in Germany

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im running openwrt on a ASUS WL-500G Deluxe and i'm very happy with it. At the moment i'm looking for a new router for my parents. The ASUS WL-500G Deluxe is not on sale anymore in germany.
I need a router with USB so the ASUS WL-500G Premium would be possible. But because of the different versions (V1 supported, V2 not yet supported) i don't know if i get the right device.

Do you have any hints, where (and what) to buy?

V2 is supported. But I have some problems with monitor mode.
AP mode and USB working fine.

Would the V2 hardware (it appears the only even partially supported Asus hardware) be capable of being easily installed with a Kamikaze binary or, as this link suggests is a lot of fooling around necessary? … /WL500GPV2

I'm new to OpenWRT (actually am using X-Wrt) and had to do enough fooling around just to get WhiteRussian to work on my WRT54GS including OpenVPN (my main impetus for tackling the project).

I don't suppose anyone has worked on getting WR running on the Asus V2, have they?

Also, wireless is pretty important to me, so is that going to work w/o hassle?

Ideally, I'd be able to find some hardware that's close enough to the earlier version Linksys WRT54GSes that I'd be able to run a straight WhiteRussian (since I'm already familiar with that version) install from binary.  It appears to me after lots of searching and referring to the Table of Hardware:

That there's not much out there that's fully supported (in binary) and currently available.  Am I missing an obvious candidate that can easily be bought new?

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you can try one of OpenRB's offered embedded hardware solutions for OpenWRT - Intel XScale 533MHz based board with 5 x eth or PowerPC 266MHz based platform. Detailed information in the companies web shop: … p;cPath=18


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