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Topic: IXP42x device with Wifi and switch

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Afternoon all,

I'm looking for something very much like the Linksys WRV54G, but that's still in production and has OpenWRT support. Namely, I'm looking for a device with an IXP42x processor (266Mhz or 533Mhz), 8MB flash minimum, 32MB RAM minimum (preferably more!), at least two network interfaces (one WAN, and one LAN - preferably with a switch too), and of course 54G Wifi.

The WRV54G is ideal, but discontinued and doesn't seem to be supported. The NSLU2 fits the bill, but only has one network port and no Wifi. The Compex NP18A has been discontinued (soon to be replaced), but is quite expensive in comparison.

Any suggestions?



Wow, that's quite an impressive device for $25 (albeit a refurb). Just a pity it's not supported yet. I might get one anyway and see what's possible.

Thanks for the pointer!


I got Redboot up and running. Still needs some work but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I've also built openwrt based on the 2.6.26 kernel. It's really close now; stay tuned.

cherry31459 wrote:

You can try Actiontec's MI424WR for $25. It meets your specs. Take a look here: … mp;cat=NET

I bought two of these, and they arrived yesterday.  One was DOA -- bad AC adapter.  If you google for "MI424WR power" you will see lots of complaints.  But otherwise, looks like an interesting unit, and I look forward to trying OpenWRT on it.


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