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Topic: What Router to buy?

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I will upgrade to a Cable Modem (soon I hope), and therefore I need to upgrade my router ( I Got an unmodified DG834PNB right now with integrated ADSL).

As I got a Notebook, I need a USB port to connect my printer (and possible an usb stick / HDD to do some crap).

I want to do some hacking with openwrt, but this should be supported more or less ootb.

These are my options as I see them:

a) Try to get a WGT634U from eGay. (I will try this anyways if I could find on for few euros)
b) Siemens Gigaset SE551 (seems that good of an idea ..)
c) ASUS WL-520gU
d) ASUS WL-500W

So, what are your suggestions?
I have read the 520s USB is SLOW ...

I have an wl500g which is fine in terms of openwrt with kernel 2.4 and usb stuff. AFAIR there still are some issues with wlan and the 2.6 kernel series. fine hardware otherwise. memory mod-able with a calm hand.

se551 is not compatible with openwrt. no port there yet. some tries, no real results :-(
usb support is ok. have attached a printer, works quite well. have not tried hd though. implementation is not usb hub aware. had quite somme issues with windows wlan access and sporadic hang ups - unplug, replug, continue. but anoying over the time.

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