The OpenWrt project is pleased to announce that Gateworks' new Cambria Network Platform now ships with OpenWrt as the factory BSP.

The first member, the GW2358 is targeted at next generation high performance multi-radio wireless access points, mesh networks, backhauls, repeaters and VPN appliances.


CPU:                                Intel IXP435 @ 667MHz
Memory:                          128MB
Flash:                              32MB
Ethernet ports:               2x 10/100 Mbits/s
Expansion:                     4x miniPCI slots, 2x USB 2.0, CF
Other features:              Digital I/O, EEPROM, RTC, temp/voltage sensor, serial ports, extended temperature
Optional features:         RS485 serial, GPS reciver

Full support for the Cambria family is already available in the development tree and will be part of the next stable release.