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Topic: Any UK dev interested in a Belkin F5D7632-4

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I have a Belkin F5D7632-4 which I am no longer using. The hardware page lists the F5D7630 as untested, and the F5D7633 as WiP. I am not sure how close this is to either of them.

here are all the details on the outside:
ADSL modem with wireless G router
model #  F5D7632-4
version 2000uk
FCC ID: K7SF5D76314

if you want me to pop the lid and take a photo I can.

I'd be very happy to see this go to a developer for help in porting.

ssam wrote:

I'd be very happy to see this go to a developer for help in porting.

I am not an OpenWRT developer, but certainly can tinkering and make use of this system; however, I am not located in UK. If that is OK with you, I am good to go for it.


I am just about to go travelling for 2 weeks, and wont have time to sort this out before hand. If a developer is interested before then they will probably get priority.
which country are you in? would you be willing to pay postage?


I, too, am hoping you will get a response from at least one OpenWRT developer to take this free offer for the advantages of all. My response to your post had two points, namely to bump up the thread and otherwise to take this advantage to tinkering with if no OpenWRT developers response to take this free offer. Once done, mostly I hopefully will give this device to other who needs it since I am currently on a cable modem feed. I am in Lilburn, GA 30047, USA. Honestly, I would prefer not to pay for S/H.

hi. sorry for the delay in getting back to this.
are you still interested? I think sending by surface mail to USA would cost between £5 and £10 ($10 to $15).

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