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Topic: ADI's IXP4xx boards gain OpenWrt support

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The OpenWrt project is pleased to announce full support for the Pronghorn SBC and Pronghorn Metro wireless routers and the Sidewinder Converged Gateway from ADI Engineering.

Pronghorn SBC             IXP425, Dual radio, 16MB flash, 64MB SDRAM, 2x 10/100 Ethernet, Compact Flash, Dig I/O
Pronghorn Metro           IXP425, Quad radio, 16MB flash, 64MB SDRAM, 2x 10/100 Ethernet, Compact Flash, Temp/Voltage monitor
Sidewinder                   IXP465, 64MB flash, 128MB DDR, 10/100 Ethernet, 5 port Ethernet switch, 4 FXS voice, 3x USB, SATA, 2x miniPCI

For further information about the boards and availability, please contact ADI Engineering.

What version has full support, 7.09 (which I doubt) or trunk?


One has to use trunk, or the soon released 8.09 RC for it.

Cheers mate.
I'll let you know how I get on.....if you want to know..

kaloz: you meant 8.10, right;-)?

I can confirm that the Metro unit runs fine with 7.09.

nice! if they could also gain some competitive pricing it would be great!

Hey Guys, and Kaloz,

Need to get in touch with the Admin / Port Managers, our company is Interest to become OpenWRT partner and bring one amazing solution to the table.

Need a fast help!

Kaloz, I think you will be the man for it!.

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see you.


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