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Topic: Flashing Power-LED

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What does it mean when the Power LED starts to flash quickly? A reboot will make it stop doing that.

It's not described on - I have checked.

The DMZ light doesn't change state. It's off and remains that way. Only the Power LED flashes.

Hope someone can help.

As "loveless" (from IRC/#wrt54g) also experienced, the Power LED will flash if wrt is not in AP mode.

Maybe this is wrt's way of indidcating it's no longer functioning as AP.

Issueing 'wl ap 0' will make it flash the Power LED.

Issueing 'wl ap 1' will, of course, make it stop.

At least I now know it's "harmless".


I have the same problem now.
I installed the RC4 two days ago on my Linksys WRT54GS.
It works very well, but after about one day online the power LED starts flashing.
There is no message in the syslog.
The WLAN should not be the problem since I don't use it (wl0_radio=0) and didn't change anything when it started flashing.

Any idea, what the flashing could mean? (I guess there is some meaning.)
Which program could have turned it on?

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