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Topic: who can sell me a Ubiquity Nanostation2 to India?

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Greetings from a monastery in the indian himalayas!

Finally 'adsl' has reached even our village and I would like to set up a 'hotspot' to be used by tourists and our monks.

Since I would like to provide controlled wifi access to the whole monastery area, it seems that the nanostation2 might be a good deal? Anyone having experiences with this?

Who could sell me one to India (Rewalsar, Himachal Pradesh)?



hi Rondo,

i know that sells these to many places outside of the US.  have you looked at them before?


Thanx, I'll check it out...
Finding suitable hardware is giving me the creeps...


Hi Rondo,

if you want to arrange an hotspot service you can also use chillispot with your nanostation. If you don't know how to setup the hotspot  let me know I'll give you some indication.
For chillispot and ubiquiti have a look at


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