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Topic: Using squashfs-2.0 for openwrt?

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Hi all...

I'm trying to build openwrt on an amd64-based system running Gentoo.  Currently the build fails with a segmentation fault in the mksquashfs call, due to a known bug in the 2.0-alpha version of squashfs.

Fortunately Gentoo also includes an ebuild of mksquashfs (squashfs-tools), which is based on squashfs-2.0 (non-alpha) and seems to work fine on amd64 (it was specifically modified to support amd64).

Armed with this info, I changed make/ to install squashfs-2.0.tar.gz instead of squashfs-2.0-ALPHA.tar.gz, the build works all the way through, and I can mount the resulting root_fs_mipsel with no problems (but please note that I have not yet tried to load the image into my wrt).

Assuming I can get it to work, what's the likelihood of OpenWRT moving to squashfs-2.0 as it's official version?  The patch is trivial:

% cvs diff
RCS file: /openwrt/buildroot/make/,v
retrieving revision 1.3
diff -r1.3
< SQUASHFS_SOURCE=squashfs2.0-ALPHA.tar.gz
> SQUASHFS_SOURCE=squashfs2.0.tar.gz

As near as I can tell, 2.0 should be entirely backwards-compatible with 2.0-ALPHA, but I'm by no means an expert.


Just as an update to this, the resulting openwrt-g-code.bin installed perfectly on my wrt54g.  Now to try my hand at some packages...

Another change in the same makefile:

I've been working on building on PPC.  Please add the "-le" to the invokation of mksquashfs so that we get the correct endianness when building on both little and big endian systems.

The discussion might have continued from here.