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Topic: pppoecd patch, fixing breakage due to the recent CVS reorg

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For your review and dissection until included in the CVS

What does this fix exactly?

What does this fix exactly?

It fixes the file locations and dependencies that were affected by the recent move of all optional .ipk packages built by the OpenWrt buildroot to the buildroot/sources/openwrt/ipkg directory. All that stuff used to be in buildroot/sources before.

How about we not define OPENWRT_IPK_DIR= in this build?
Sooner or later that variable may be put to use by mbm and this .mk file could override it in the global scope.

It's my feeling that variables used within the pppoe should be prefixed with PPPOE_ names.

That being said. We make OPENWRT_IPK_DIR a global directive or rename the existing.


I agree that OPENWRT_IPK_DIR should be a global variable for the build process.

I defined it because it doesnt exist yet. Feel free to move it to the main Makefile.

So your going to attach a diff after you have moved and tested that it works it to a more logical place?

Well, I would expect whomever is merging the patches into the CVS to make this minor change to the patches I posted.

It is a minor administrative change but it needs to be coordinated with mbm and so I do not venture to be patching the main Makefile.

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