ok, I am thinking of buying a new router (simply cause my old one sucks...)

I find these routers with AR7 chipset especially appealing, just because it has an
integrated adsl modem. This would mean, that i can use QoS without have to shape the ustream
to something below 128k (please correct me if i'm wrong) cause the driver will ask the kernel for
a new packet when the current one has been sent, just like if the ethernet link was only running at 128K.

Again: please correct me if i miss someething and some driver or hardware of does implement it'sown fifo.

but i really want to customize my kernel so that i can add QoS features!

my alternatives are currently as follows:

a) D-LINK DSL-562T : the most appealing one cause it's only euro 51,-. no wlan or switch thou
b) NG DG834B: the DG834GB without WLAN. euro 61,-. no wlan, but has a switch
c) NG DG834GB: that`s what it`s all about here... it`s ANNEX B so this is why it`s called GB.

all three are annex b, ie the dlink is like a 502T but has annex b instead of annex a.

another thing: i have a switch lying around, so i do not need the built in switch of NG.
but on teh other hand, it would be nice to have one box less lungering around.
i neither need wireless, but if i go for the netgear, it`s only euro 15,- extra. if it will be supporte in the near
future, i might get the wireless, just in the case i get a notebook some day.

So my questions:

a) will the annex b stuff hurt? are there differences in the hardware (like other hybrid) that will preven adsl from working?
    (of course i need ADSL)

b) which one would you suggest ? i heared of problems with ng due to checksum computation in the adam2 of teh dg834gb.
c) will wlan be supported ?
d) will it be hard (= recompiling kernel) to support QoS?

thanks in advance, tom