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Topic: USB over IP (VirtualHere)

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I wrote a USB over IP system for several platforms including openwrt.  Sorry its not open source but it is free to share one device. Its mainly useful for OEMs who want to provide usb sharing functionality from their routers.

The server runs entirely in userspace, and the client runs on windows xp+ and osx 10.7+...

You can download the server from

and the client from

Give a try and see if you find it useful, at the moment it is compiled for AR7xxx/9xxx and x86 but i can compile it for other platforms.

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This is OpenWrt not ClosedWrt.

I think it's cool, although not open source.

Maybe it's closed (commercial), but it works much better then "standard" USB/IP on OWRT, which is very unstable.
I use it for sharing multifunctional printer. Thanks a lot! smile

That does indeed look cool. But not being open source will preclude its ever being incorporated in OpenWRT... or I assume that's the case.

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