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Topic: Optimized and feature rich trunk build for select routers

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Is this thread, and by proxy it's firmware, still supported, as @arokh hasn't been seen since January?  Their repo, at least for the WRT AC Series, is also over a year old, with the last revision being Apr 2016.

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Wow! That's really great information guys.I know lot of new things here. Really great contribution.Thank you

The WNDR3700V1 is like 9 years old now, get a new router already wink

Don't know if I'm going to bother maintaining builds for different routers anymore, definitely won't for routers with 8MB flash. Source is on github, you can grab it and build for any router you like.

Yea man that's exactly what I realized yesterday, 9 years old already! It's not handling my current internet speed which is 400 Mbps, got stuck at around 300. So yesterday took out the Netgear and connected directly on the ISPs router and got the 400 Mbps not only by cable but also by wireless, no need for a separate router for now smile

If you're happy with the functionality and security of your ISP's router, then I guess there's no need wink

I too have an aging Netgear WNDR3700 V1 that has served me well, with your OpenWRT build, but I think it's time to upgrade. It seems that you have a new router and LEDE running on it. Which router did you get? It's been a long time since I went router shopping and I don't even know what to look for anymore.

I've got the TP-Link Archer C2600, performance is outstanding both wireless and CPU wise. Other interesting routers (IMO) is the R7800 and the Turris Omnia.

The turris omnia is quite nice, but it is worth noting that part of its appeal is that CZ.nic attempts to have managed (security) updates for this device and that in turn means that they basically have to cut their own distro (from an openwrt base). That means the support in upstream openwrt/lede is not decent enough to simply install and run openwrt master. Now, cz.nic plan to a) upgrade to a more recent base openwrt soon and b) also plan to upstream all of the required parts to openwrt or even the kernel, but there is no ETA for this yet. So anybody looking for a router to play with openwrt master development might want to think twice about the omnia.
That said I am a happy owner and user of an omnia, but for experiments and testing I still use a wndr3700v2 (but if I would stop wanting to play, I would happily switch to the omnia full time).

I would recommend ipq8065 over ipq8064 these days, as it is a bit faster and comes with newer (wave2) wireless cards for roughly the same price.

The Netgear r7800 and ZyXEL NBG6817 are very similar in this regard (both ipq8065) with only minor hardware differences; other than TP-Link, neither of those vendors has crippled the serial console of their devices.

Thanks for the links tmo26. Lots of good reading.

Hi arokh and all,

I've been rocking Chaos Calmer r45250 for a few years on my WNDR3700v1 without any issue until recently when I get security alerts about an exploit on the dnsmasq used in this build (v 2.72-1). I would like to update dnsmasq to v 2.78-1 which patches the security vulnerabilities and keep the rest as is, however when attempting this update via the luci web interface, although I had no errors installing v 2.78-1, the router would no longer serve DHCP or resolve DNS queries. I tried stopping the service, renaming old config files, removing the dnsmasq and reinstalling the newer version and nothing worked: ended up having to perform a reset so it could reload the original dnsmasq 2.72-1 and everything worked again.

So 2 questions:
1) Is there a build for WNDR3700v1 which has the updated dnsmasq v 2.78-1 and the rest of the goodies from arokh's build?
2) If not, what is the process to successfully update this component and keep the rest of the build as-is (assuming this is even possible)?



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Flash LEDE 17.01.4

Ok thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into LEDE.

Any specific builds I should look at that are similar to arokh builds? I'm thinking of flashing the build from here:

Any other suggestions?



@hnyman is an OpenWrt developer and his builds are solid.  If you want the same configuration as @arokh's, they
need to be asked if there's customized files outside of /etc and /root.  If you choose to go that route, compile your own image with the custom files included, else you'll lose more storage since any changes made to the configuration aren't compressed, unlike the squashfs compression of the image on ROM.

The discussion might have continued from here.