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Topic: JamVM 2.0.0 and classpath 0.99 in new packages today

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I have contributed package Makefiles and patches for jamvm 2.0.0 and classpath 0.99 today.  Included in the classpath commit are patches from:

I have tested the packages on Barrier Breaker and Chaos Calmer on several Carambola2 systems, and have built packages for ARM oxnas.

Questions, comments? Please let me know.

i want to compile it on MIPS target
is it possible?
what needs to change?

It just builds on MIPS - that's what the Carambola 2 is based on (Atheros AR9331). No changes should be required.

Do you have github including patch for barrier breaker?

I pushed the makefile/patch to the OpenWRT packages git; that's all I have now. I don't recall it is difficult to pull the makefile/patch and configure it as a local feed for Barrier Breaker but it's been well over a year since I've done so.

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