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Topic: A Beautiful And Modern Theme for LUCI -- luci-theme-material

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Awesome. I just came across this thread today and decided to install on my wrt1900ac.
Looks beautiful, runs like butter, super fast loading on PC and mobile (Nexus 6P). I love it. My default theme for good now. I can finally easily manage the router via mobile device if ever needed.

This looks really good.

Just tried it out and it looks really nice! Thanks for your hard work

Also just want to thank you! Starred on GitHub too wink

looks good, except for this upgrade crap page

Small bug with the "Unsaved Changes" button, extra // is in the URL. I filed a report here:

Also, this is a styling preference, but maybe consider changing the left menu background colour to a shade of blue (between header colour, and background colour) in the CSS file. I think it flows nicer without the harsh white background.

.main-left {
    background-color: #A5D0DA;

Sample picture below with #A5D0DA background colour: … 3a84c0.png

Another higher resolution of the colour change on the left:

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hi. i want to change logo of my tp-link modem at
do you know how should i do that?
thank a lot

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