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Topic: TP-Link WDR 6500 -- WAN port can't work

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Dear all

Yesterday, I convert my TP-Link WDR 6500 to OpenWRT, everything works, except the WAN port.

As soon as I connect a cable to the WAN port, the router will stop working, wifi disconnected, LAN port disconnect, etc.

As soon as I disconnect from the WAN port, the router will recover after about 30 seconds.

The image I got from is directly from blow link: … actory.bin

I have spent lots of time to solve it.
If I convert back to TP-link official firmware, the WAN port works fine.

Anyone can help to work out the issue?
Is there any way to collect the log to analysis?

It seems that other people upgrades during the last October has no this issue, so, perhaps only the latest version has the issue.

Thank you very much.

DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION='OpenWrt Designated Driver r49112'

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Hi, what is your hardware version? Could you give me flash dump of your router when running OpenWrt? I need to fix my broken firmware. Thanks

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