I want to share my first openWRT project [1]. It's an overview and control page for UMTS dongles. The need was to develop such a site in order to provide easy access on a couple of dongles on one page. The traffic management is done by mwan3 (and I have looked at its LuCI-implementation quite often).

Since we just use one type of UMTS dongles, the library to read and control the dongle contains just one model (or one subclass of models). Please feel free to add other models and types (hiLink was the easiest one but is not a limit)

The "package" is tested at a school in Uganda, running 2 month without any problems so far (D-Link DIR-825/CC15.05). Therefore, I think it is save to say this is somehow working. But of course there is still room for improvement, starting with making a proper openWRT-package of all the files. Also, there is an issues-list where I listed several other possible enhancements and nice-to-haves.

More information can be found on the github.


[1] https://github.com/jojo-Hub/nGcontrol

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