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Topic: Please help: How to install on BT Home Hub 3.0 Type A?

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I have had a look at the page on the wiki dedicated to this router, but don't see any installation instructions — at least, none I would be able to follow.

I have no experience in installing firmware onto routers, and would really appreciate it if any of you could help me out.

I found an old BT Home Hub 3.0 Type A router in the cupboard and would like to install OpenWrt on it to replace the router we are currently using which suffers very badly from bufferbloat.

Can anyone provide step-by-step instructions as to what I should do to install the appropriate OpenWrt onto it?

My starting point: factory-reset home hub and 15" Macbook in hands, with another router (technicolor TG589vac) running downstairs providing me with this internet connection.


There is no simple way, you need to follow the wiki (which involves pretty small scale soldering, the serial console and a rather high chance of bricking it terminally) - if the wiki sounds too difficult for you, then it probably is.

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