I have access to the 'net from AT&T's Uverse (Motorola NGV510) modem-router. Connected to it is a Belkin wifi-router with Chaos Calmer.

My goal is to run all the network traffic of my devices through the Belkin, and hence thru the OpenVPN.

I have some preliminary questions about the current OS for the device, however. The OpenWrt for the Belkin is:

wiki.openwrt.org/toh/belkin/f9k1115v2 (I'm too new at this forum to be allowed to post the URL's link in this post.)

It shows an upgrade as available.  Would that be necessary for what I'm trying to accomplish?

Lastly, I have the following hardware:

#1 computer is Linux Ubuntu 16.04

#2 a separate computer with Win10 (not two hard drives in one computer case - the Belkin talks to Win10, the ATT to Ubuntu)

the above said modem/router/wifi

2 quantity of 5 port unmanaged switches.

Please help me get started with this.