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Topic: documentation for /etc/config/network

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I'm sure there is a documentation for this file: /etc/config/network
but everything I found was confusing.

So please allow me to aks: is there a (elementary) documentation for this file? Please give me a link.

What I'm currently doing:
I have a Fujitsu S700 (Futro) which now runs with OpenWrt. It has 1 built-in LAN-port (eth0). By using a USB<->LAN-converter I added another one (=eth1).
The connection to the WAN  was done initially by using eth0. I changed an entry in the network-file like this:
config interface 'wan'
        option ifname 'eth1'

after rebooting it connects to the WAN via the USB-converter.

The next step will be to add a standard router via eth0 and connect multiple devices via this router to the Futro. What do I have to change in the network-file to make this work?

I've played with some modifications of the network-file but I only with partial success. And as I don't know what I'm doing I need some help.


PS: currently I modified the entry 'client' and added a line like:
    option ifname 'eth0'
now I can do a ping but not call a site via the browser.....

Hi tm026,

and thanks for your hint. But  find this page still confusing.

Luckily for me the problem is solved:
I installed the software an later added a USB<->LAN-adapter which was not properly configured. So by reinstalling the software with the adapter in the machine the configuration was made correctly Only had to swap the entries eth0 and eth1 for LAN and WAN, now everything works.


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