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Topic: carambola2 NAT

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Dear sir,

My name is amarr, am new to this forum.

Presently am working with carambola2 wifi module. We make a customised board with carambola2  wifi module,board  containing USB port and SD Card slot for USB and SD Card respectively and also ethernet port.

My aim is to share the USB and SDCard data through internet by connecting my carambola2 wifi module board to my home router(router access internet) by connecting ethernet cable??

Is it possible??

If yes, please suggest me how to do that?

For this concept, i need to do NAT in my carambola2?? or any other way is there??

Small diagram for above concept:-
|USB Stick                        |                                                                                   ----------------------------------------------
|SDCard    + Carambola2 |-------->Home router  -------------->cloud --------------->|some where else                            |
--------------------------------  |       (accessing internet)                                            | via Lap/Desktop/Mobile                 |
                                                                                                                             |try to to access USB/SD Card data|

Thanks inadvance,


This forum section is for documentation only, not for answering questions.
The right place to ask would be the General discussion subforum.

Thank you sir

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