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Topic: GPL software for Belkin AP.

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you can find source code and interesting documentation for Broadcom products including Linksys, Belkin and all others AP with Broadcom chipset. Documentation is located in doc/BCM47XX_Resource_Guide.pd

Sitecom has also released some sources for 2 AP based on Linux. Thoses sources seem to be partial.

Does Belkin work with openwrt? From the TableOfContents page it seems to be untested.

Thanks. Maybe it is a good idea to add a new column to TableOfHardwares that links to related wiki pages on OpenWrt. I wonder what everybody thinks of it..

Actually, when I revisited the page I realized that the "untested" keyword has already a link to this information. smile

Also note cfe.pdf in the same gpl code, the functional spec of CFE.

The discussion might have continued from here.