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Topic: shutdown command

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Hello all,

where can i find and install "shutdown" command ?

thanks for replies

Given that these little routers don't have much in the way of power management or init system, I'm not sure you can really do a "shutdown" per se, a halt might have to do.

I wondered if you'd have to build a custom busybox to get a halt command, until I checked the source code for busybox's halt command.

All it does is send SIGUSR1 to the init process, i.e. process #1.

This small shell script will do the job:

# halt:  stops the system

kill -USR1 1

Note that this is an immediate halt.

USR2 will similarly reboot the system.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go power cycle my halted router tongue

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heu, i would like to use "shutdown" command to shutdown PCs on my lan, not to shutdown my router...


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