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Topic: Marvell 88E6060 switch support?

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I was wondering if Marvell 88E6060 switch is supported with 2.6 kernel?

Probably yes, as this switch is present on Compex NP18A boards - but will I be able to use VLANs (that is, to program each port independently, like one does with WRT54G and similar)?

Support for this switch can not be done easily without horrible hacks in the ethernet drivers that need to use this chip. That's because the supposedly VLAN capable switch has NO support for 802.1q and uses a proprietary 'vlan trailer'.
I'm still thinking about whether it is actually possible to write clean code for supporting this crap.

Hmm, that's bad.

Are there any small devices which:
- have ~5 programmable ports
- have 32 MB RAM or more
- have 8 MB flash or USB port
- have speed comparable to 266 MHz Xscale 42x or better
- don't need to have wireless

I want to build a fast, programmable switch with VLANs and OpenVPN.
WRT54G and similar with their mips CPUs are just too slow for LAN or even internet faster than ~2-4 Mbit.

I thought that Compex NP18A would be a perfect candidate, as it supports up to 128 MB RAM, has USB, and a XScale CPU up to 533 MHz.
Moreover, the vendor seems to like the fact that these boards are supported by OpenWRT, which I consider an advantage, too.
From what you are saying, I won't do VLANs on these boards easily, so I have to find something else?

WRV54G maybe? It seems to support VLANs in OpenIXP; but on the other hand, OpenIXP project seems dead.

Any other alternatives?

I submitted a driver for the 88E6060 (and other 88E6xxx switch chips) to the linux netdev mailing list: … 56&w=2

The 88E6060 part has been verified to work on the Thecus n1200 NAS.

Well, I for one, are very glad you did! We are working on a box that has that very switch...
Soon as I can figure out how to get it into my kernel... I'll be glad to give you some feedback.
I am in the irc://freenode/openwrt-devel channel often... well 24/7 really. smile

Does Marvell 88E6060 switch supports Port based VLAN?

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