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Topic: Documentation, Howtos and WIP-Day

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There is a lot of missing parts and out-of-date information in the existing wiki documentation - there are numerous HowTo postings in the forum (though sometimes they can be difficult to find).

I have announce the attempt at kicking WIP-Day into reality -->

Now I would like remind that the first WIP-Day will take place on the up-coming saturday, from UTC 12.00 and 24 hours ahead. It will take place on #openwrt-devel, so just login if you would like to work on documentation and howtos.

I would like to suggest that members who have stumbled over missing bits and pieces add them to this thread - -> Personally I will work with the following during the weekend:

- How to install Kamikaze (for the beginner)
- Basic Kamikaze configuration (for the beginnner)

Though, I know there are a lot of other subjects, for example the TOH list could use a bit of editing :-)

The first WIP-Day has past - a little quiet, but it made its debut. One of the questions which came up during the 24 hours, was concerned with OpenWrt being in need of a 'documentation-team', and a 'team-leader' to lead it. This subject is open for further discussion and suggestions from all members.

The next WIP-Day will take place on saturday the 28. of July (last saturday in the month) from UTC 12.00 and 24 hours ahead.

The next WIP-Day (Work-In-Progress-Day) is approaching. It will start on next saturday, 28. of July, at UTC 12.00 and run for the following 24 hours.
All you need to do to participate is to join the #openwrt-devel channel and present what you would like to do, or ask for help with a project, alternatively make an entry in the forum.

This will be an opportunity to write-up new howtos and get help with all the small details and big questions :-)

Dear OpenWrt'

The up-coming weekend will again be host to 24 hours of WIP-Day
activities, beginning on saturday a UTC 12.00. There is a continued list
of topics which havn't been closed, or new subject I've found a reason
for adding (here reminding everyone that the list of topics is open for
extension and editing):

1. Documentation-Team

2. Release-Team

3. Copyright discussion

4. Social OpenWrt-It :-)

5. Misc ... ?

Apart from this, there should be plenty of room for more practical
activites such as editing and moving some of the present howtos to the OpenWrt wiki or giving the core-dev group feedback on the recent/upcoming release :-)


Dear all OpenWrt members

I would just like to tell (yet again) that WIP-Day August will find its beginning tomorrow (saturday) from UTC 12.00 and 24 hours ahead.
A short list of topics have been pasted @
Feel free to add comments or new/other topics to the list :-)

Hello everyone

WIP-Day will as during the past months again take place on saturday (the last saturday in the month) beginning at UTC 12.00, and run the following 24 hours.
There will be an experimental moment when the change between summer-/winter-time takes place, and I just hope that everybody will survive the confusion :-)

It will again be a good opportunity to take a look at documentation, maybe someone would like to move parts of the content from this section into the wiki and hereby making it a little more use-friendly?

CU there

Next saturday (24th November) will again play host to WIP-Day, and as prior "editions" the whole will find its beginning at UTC 12.00 and continue the following 24 hours - the place is as usual IRC #openwrt-devel

I have a couple of things on the list, which have been suggested to me or something I've put there myself:

- How is it coming along with the OpenWrt MediaCenter Edition?

- Wireless and WDS on Kamikaze is still a confusing subject (it is my personal plan to find out if it works or not, with a focus on brcm hardware)?

- I believe it would be a good opportunity to generatew some input in terms of a list of 'what-would-we-all-like-as-feature' in the upcoming Kamikaze releases (+ generalized feedback pointing towards the next release)?

- And maybe it would be a good idea to take a look at moving some of the many how-tos from this section and into the wiki?

Chz ;-)

WIP-Day @ 24c3, Berlin.

What will take place during the next saturday is a bit of a question - hopefully it will be live and alive with a lot of partying. Come along and join :-)

As usual the main-channel will be #openwrt-devel and beginning at UTC 12:00.

Hi That is great, That is awesome information, i was also looking for this.

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I would like my HowTo's added in eventually... That would be sweet... But they would need to be looked over tongue

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I have been working on documentation for the Merika MR-24's.  It states that I have to many links in it.  Can you please look at it.  Here is a dropbox link: … s.txt?dl=0

I really would like to share this with the forum and be able to continue to fine tune it.

It's been a long, long time since I've looked through premium quality material much like your post. You have carried out incredibly good work on this and I'm impressed with your viewpoint. Really decent work.

I want to say thank you to Chris Blake who helped me a lot to get these AP's running.  I did take a lot of notes.  So what I needed up doing was taking the notes he gave me and his instructions to make a much easier version of it.  I still have things to add.  I will be re-posting this as a docx file as soon as I get done with.

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