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Topic: ether-wake for brcm-2.4

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Where can I find ether-wake package for brcm-2.4 ?
It seems the whiterussian version doesn't work on kamikaze.
I can wake up pc only with ether-wake, I havn't
problem, so if anyone have an ether-wake for kamikaze, come on !

Recompile busybox to include ether-wake ;-)

Or use the wol package. WOL can be configured using UCI.

Install WOL package:

ipkg install wol

Configure WOL:

uci set wol.cfg1.mac=11:22:33:44:55:66
uci set wol.cfg1.enabled=1
uci commit wol

Add a second computer to wakeup via WOL

uci set wol.cfg2=wol-target
uci set wol.cfg2.mac=aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
uci set wol.cfg2.enabled=1
uci commit wol

Show the WOL configuration:

uci show wol


Delete the second configuration

uci del wol.cfg2
uci commit wol

Test wol (tested with my Notebook running Feisty Fawn):

sleep 60 && /etc/init.d/wol start &

Have fun smile

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Can someone provide a Kamikaze package of ether-wake?

This would help several people who needs it to switch from WR to Kamikaze.


I have added the ticket 2460.
Maybe forum2006 could equip it with his nice UCI config and scripts. :-)

@maddes.b: Use

wol -p 65535 -h 192.168.x.255 x:x:x:x:x:x

instead ether-wake for the moment ...

Sonic wrote:

@maddes.b: Use

wol -p 65535 -h 192.168.x.255 x:x:x:x:x:x

instead ether-wake for the moment ...

This can be done with UCI. Looking into the /etc/init.d/wol init script tells you that these parameters can be configured in /etc/config/wol using UCI and are used by the init script.

So, do:

uci set wol.cfg1.mac=x:x:x:x:x:x
uci set wol.cfg1.broadcast=192.168.x.255
uci set wol.cfg1.port=65535
uci set wol.cfg1.enabled=1
uci commit wol

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#1 ether-wake
I need ether-wake because one router is giving me headaches when using wol with IP packages. Hence I still use WR 0.9 on the hardware.

#2 wol via uci
As of now I couldn't get Kamikaze to run in a VM, so I have no experience with it yet.
In my case I wake-up the server only when I need it, and not when the router reboots.
Therefore some questions:
a) As an init script it is executed on the router's startup, how can I disable it for the router's startup? Runlevels?
b) How can I use the uci config while the router is running? Is there an invoke-rc.d? Or can I use "wol --cfg=<cfg name/number>"?

Thanks for all your info

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