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Topic: Support for Marvell 88F5xx81 based routers

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update: the git-repository got merged into the mainline kernel in the last merge window to 2.6.25-rc1

just search for "orion" on the 2.6.25-rc1-changelog: … 2.6.25-rc1

also there is already a discussion how to get further support in the kernel (DMA engine, crypto engine): … rnel/38512 the stuff i mentioned in the post before and create a new setup file. you guys will be able to boot the vanilla kernel then in the future when the setup file was submitted to!

it already works for our orion based linkstations.

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I'll take a look at the Linksys-sources and post some info here...

EDIT: I registered the Linksys-Router WRT350N v2 @
EDIT2: Someone else should do the setup-file part, it's a bit too complicated for me to search for everything...
EDIT3: I resumed working on it, not so difficult as i thought...

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i believe that most of the info is already on the first page of this thread. at least the flash map was already posted there which is a good start.

First version of the modified kernel available at

WARNING: Highly experimental!!!

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It doesn't compile:
arch/arm/kernel/ error: asm-generic/ No such file or directory

hmm... odd...  the file exists...

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update your git tree, i made some important changes

it should be there now.

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BTW, if you would like to have write access, register @ (if not already done) and give me your username so i can give yow the appropriate permissions

Did you already test it? If so, could you send me your ,config?

EDIT: BTW, madwifi (svn) works in 11g mode almost flawlessly on the AR5416.

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I had some trouble with my toolchain (I'm using foonas' bitbake config) but eventually got it compiled, however it's not detecting the machine type - on boot it says "Machine: Buffalo/Revogear Kurobox Pro" and if I turn off the other machine types it just hangs once the bootloader finishes. What are you using to compile the kernel and make an image?

a codesourcery toolchain for uclinux and mkimage from openwrt. you could possibly use the eabi toolchain instead of the uclinux one because the arm926 has a mmu

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Watha: if the rootfs in flash is based on uclinux then the kernel needs to be compiled with uclinux as well i think. foonas uses glibc. you should use foonas-em instead of foonas as it is based on uclibc but more important the foonas-em rootfs is stored inside the kernel file as a initramfs. this has the advantage that the kernel is totally independent from the stuff in flash.

so in case you want to continue using bitbake switch over to foonas-em instead. the kernel you loaded in the past was a foonas-em kernel.

although foonas-em is the wrong thing regarding openwrt it is the perfect way to test kernels.

ignore this post in case you already use foonas-em.

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Yeah, I'm using foonas-em, which I think is using glibc eabi. The problem is it's somewhat inflexible (requires a git tag instead of just a repo, can't seem to update git repos itself) and I don't really understand how it works so I'm probably missing something in the build to make the new machine type be detected.

foonas-em now uses uclibc. you might think about updating everything. … as-em.conf still has
FOONAS_MODE ?= "glibc", the log message on the last update says "all / distro: Change maintainer email, make foonas-iscsi use uclibc for the time being".

I still have no idea what's wrong with my build, Davidkra could you upload your image and I'll test that?

ok, i uploaded it to the git repo as "/images/uImage"

BTW beware I didn"t set any of the boot options!

something new?


Sorry, haven't had time to test your image yet. I'll try it this weekend, if not earlier. You might want to get the people in this thread on to try out your kernel as well.

and, what are the results? does it boot??

still nothing new???

i think i'll no longer port the linux kernel to the WRT350N v2, lack of time sad

Hello Davidkra,

that's a pitty. i was watching this forum cause 2 weeks ago i bought a wrt350n v2. but i am really missing a sshd in/on it (like dropbear). Is there any change you can extend the the firmware and  add the sshd to it. I really like this function so that i am able to do "wakeup on lan" and tunneling with ssh on this router.