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Topic: Buttons in Kami 7.07 on WL-500gP

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kmod-diag - 1+2.6.22-brcm47xx-1 - Driver for router LEDs and Buttons

But if I press any (EZsetup or Restore) button - ssh session fails and IMHO device reboots.  Is any way to use buttons for interactive scripting on this hardware?

The buttons and many other things are unstable or do not work with a 2.6 Kernel. If you simply press any button tested on a Fonera on a WL-500G Deluxe and a WL-500G Premium the system halts (checked with a serial console). That's it. Said many time to the core developers but it seems the brcm47xx-2.6 target has more other important things to fix first.

I'm back to use a 2.4 Kernel and the buttons do work perfectly...

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forum2006 Ok. Let wait for stable kernel 2.6

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