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Topic: Kamikaze 7.09

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The new Kamikaze 7.09 release is ready. It is a bugfix release for 7.07.

Changes since Kamikaze 7.07:
  - Fix a crash at boot time on atheros-2.6
  - Documentation updates
  - UCI updates - uncommitted changes are now active on config reads
  - PPP fixes
  - Firewall fixes for dynamic interfaces
  - Config enhancements for dnsmasq
  - Timing fixes for BCM947xx (fixes flash access problems on some models)
  - Fix for BCM947xx and Atheros cards on Linux 2.4
  - Prevent interfaces from accidentally being started twice at boot time
  - Fix QoS for dynamically assigned interfaces
  - Fix IMQ errors when ip6tables is installed (Linux 2.4)

Download at

I don't quite understand why Kamikaze does not support wds with PSK encryption. Do broadcom chips now run wds as PSK2? This has been an issue since the last release.

the 709 code still has this :

                        [ "$encryption" != "none" ] && {
                                sleep 1
                                nas4not lan "$iface" up auto aes "$encryption" "$key" "$ssid" 

Which is not enough for a broadcom device to have a working WDS (unless this has changed).

Does this one also fix the Wlan issue with Broadcom devices and kernel 2.6? Or do I still need to run the 2.4 kernel version?

lovely news.  thank you so much for all your efforts !!

I'm happy about it! smile
But is adm5120 target support far to be stable for Kamikaze?

ggp81 wrote:

I'm happy about it! smile
But is adm5120 target support far to be stable for Kamikaze?

adm5120 for RB1xx rocks.  you may get some fresh snapshot here

I also just want to thank you for your great work!

What about MadWifi?
Is it newer than in v7.07?

Are Ar7 now supported?



Hi, guys
Thanks for your work!
But what happend with freeradius? It's not available

The news forum should be locked down for admin posts only.  All of these follow up posts are ending up in the site news feed.

The discussion might have continued from here.