Good evening, my question consists in following:
I have downloaded Kamikaze  7.0.9and Webif2.
i have small static network where i want to establish class based QoS.
So i want to implement DiffServ approach where the concept is in following:
I have to have  6 different queues for the router like
EF, BE, AF1, AF2, AF3, AF4.
EF has DSCP 46
BE has DSCP 0
in each of AF i have to have 3 DSCP marks in accordance to dropping priority.
in total it comes out 14DSCP marks.
Im not interested in avgrate, or main interest is that this router has to classify the packets
in accordance to the some access list that i ll specify and process the traffic in the separate queues in accordance to the DSCP field.
In case of congestion i want Random early detection to discard the packets with high dropping priority.
I was setting this policy on the Cisco router, but now i want to do the same on the Linksys.
I have read the documentation and FAQ, but still i didnt find something similar...
Can somebody provide simple guideline or point the link where i can get this information?
Im familiar with QoS config script and gui so  any suggestions are warmly welcome

Thanks for attention