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Topic: "wl_distance=" in Germany

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last week I bought a WRT54GS_V2 from an ebay dealer. One of the first actions was to switch to openwrt rc6. It is working fine.
The only strange exception the distance is insufficient especially since the GS model is a "speed booster" with 35% more power.

Within the NVRAM I found the value wl_distance=500.
What is the unit of measurement for this value and what is the possible range ? (meter, feet, 1/10 milliwatt , 0-2000 ???)
Of course more milliwatts means an enlarged local distance.  It is worth to mention I live in Germany, only 100 milliwatts
are allowed for me. Thus there is a restriction for wl_distance isn't it ?



This is the distance in meters. It changes the ACK timing.  You need this if your client and AP are really far from each other.  Radio waves are taking a longer time to travel so the Wifi devices need to take this in account. This has to be adjusted on both AP "AND" client sides.

If you want to increase the distance, you first need special antennas with higher gain.



thank you elv.
I think about a cheap workaround for my neighbour and me to share my DSL.
We plug a long USB repeater cable into his PC to decrease the distance between the USB WLAN stick at the end of the cable and my AP.


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