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Topic: Any news on support for WRT54G v8 (and other 2MB-limited boxes)?

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I just got a WRT54G v8 which I mostly need to use as an ethernet/wireless bridge.
The built-in firmware does not seem to offer this functionality.  Since I use OpenWT on my other boxes, I thought I'd look for an OpenWRT firmware for these boxes, but I saw they don't seem to be supported.  Luckily DD-WRT is available in "micro"-form, so I'm using this for now, but I prefer OpenWRT's command-line interface and general flexibility.
So?  Any news?

I guess the biggest thing missed by those who want to run OpenWRT is to research what it supports before buying hardware. 

The developers have made their stance pretty clear, that 2 mb flash units are not going to be supported.  There are too many 4 mb and greater options out there to be concerned about maintaining a crippled version for the 2 mb junk routers on the market. 

For less money than a new WRT54G goes for, there are several routers out there that use better Broadcom chip sets with more flash.

OpenWrt does NOT support and will never support these crappy devices e.g. WRT54G >= v5 and WRT54GS >= v5.

Go ahead and load DD-WRT they support crappy hardware and don't ask here again for supporting these routers.


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if you must use openwrt there are a few options,

1. you can add an MMC card to hold your packages, then build a custom firmware that only has the minimum required to boot the device, then install everything else as ipk packages on the MMC/SD card.

2. install dd-wrt

again, the official stance for openwrt is that devices with 2mb of flash are not supported in any form, so you're on your own with these.

The problem is not only the 2MB flash. Also the lack of RAM is a problem...

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