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Topic: 7Links 6in1 Multi-WLAN Router ( PE-8074 ) / Processor Star STR9105

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Any news on the OpenWrt compatibility...?


I have also a "7Links 6in1 Router" from Pearl.

Now I would like to connect it to my wireless network as a "wireless bridge" using the telnet-access with the pekpekengeng hack, because I want to keep the server-options like ftp and webcam.

I tried to use

iwconfig ra0 essid Myessid key s:MyWirelessKey

but got an error:

Error for wireless request "Set ESSID" (8B1A) :
      SET faild on device ra0 ; Operation not supported.

I also tried to connect to my wireless network in "Client-Mode" and then switch to "AP-Mode", but this will reboot the router...

Is there any idea to get the router up in a mode connected to a wireless network and using it as a ftp or printserver at the same time?If it is possible I would like to get rid of a wired connection.

Maybe you know a solution, for example switching the driver to the driver used for the "Client-Mode"(Is the driver located in /etc/Wireless ?)

I am new in the "Linux world" and don't know much about the network commands.

I hope someone can help me with my problem...

Thanks for your efforts!


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