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Topic: WRT350N Serial through WAN port

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I had not seen this documented anywhere else...

I just found out that the WRT350N router's WAN port has four pins (not the RJ-45 network pins but on the opposite side). I traced the 4 pins and confirmed that they do indeed connect to the serial pin-out inside of the router.

So anyone know where to find a RJ-45 jack has the 4 pins on the opposite side? (like the side that you push to release the jack)

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This is only true for the WRT350N v1 (USA version), the v2 (European version) doesn't have a conenctor there. Oh, just noticed, the WRT150N (v1.0) has the same pins in place, too.

My aplogies for any unwanted necromancy, but I'd like to find a cable for this apparent serial port. The other thread that mentioned this had a link to some cable on eBay, but the auction is long since gone and there's not even a picture left.

Think about if it is really worth to spend hours to try and find such exotic piece of hardware, while it takes just about 10-15 minutes to solder some pins or wires to the internal connectors.

Since I would have to buy wire and a DE-9 plug anyway, I might as well look for the specialized cable. Much neater than having to open the box, too.

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