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Topic: compile a package from a feed

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I know you can compile an individual package with the command

$ make package/pkg_name-compile

But which is the command for compiling a package added from feeds?

isnt it in the menuconfig ?
try to search this package with the /

Hi kenjiru,

installed feeds are symbolic links in package/feeds/, so you need to add the complete directory:

$ make package/feeds/feeds_name/pkg_name-compile

The feeds_name might be "packages" or "xwrt" for the official feeds.


I've already figured it out, but thank you!

1. Checkout all package feeds configured in feeds.conf ('$ ./scripts/feeds list -s' list feeds) with:

$ ./scripts/feeds update -a

1.1. Checkout a single feed with:

$ ./scripts/feeds update packages

2. Search for packages

$ ./scripts/feeds search <name>

3. Install (symlink) the package and it's dependencies

$ ./scripts/feeds install <name>

4. Select the package in menuconfig (in menuconfig you can use /<name/feature> to search for packages/features)

$ make menuconfig

5. Rebuild a single package and update the package index

$ make package/<name>/{clean,compile} package/index

NOTE: For step 5 the toolchain for your target platform must be already compiled.
5.1. Rebuild multiple packages at once

$ make package/{<name_1>,<name_2>,...,<name_N>}/{clean,compile} package/index

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All these things should go to wiki to avoid basic questions.

kenjiru wrote:

All these things should go to wiki to avoid basic questions.

It's up to you. For myself I decided to no longer write into public Wikis.

make -C  feeds/feeds_name/pkg_name-compile TOPDIR='path_toolchain'  let you compile your package without dependences but

make package/pkg_name_compile : compile the package with its dependences

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