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Topic: OpenWRT Kamikaze on TP-link tl-wa501g?

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I was looking for a fix for my WR340GD (the wan port is dead), but after reading the tutorial for using the vxKiller FW, I'll rather try to replace the damn HST1025DR IC.

P/S: Good job xssa.


do you know how to update md5 for TL-WA5210G firmware? i've tried following jvvh5897's method described in this thread but it did not work. maybe it would be possible to squeeze basic networking, ssh server and wifi driver in 1.1MB image?

Where is original firmware for it?

Anyone ?

I have TP-LINK 340G V2.3 (on sticker) REV 5.4 on PCB:
I read all topic and download this files:

  • wr340v5_linux.bin (tl-340g-linux_606fe38dda4014fb8f16b9b8a27cee3e.rar)

  • downgrade340.bin

  • openwrt-atheros-vmlinux.lzma

  • rootsq.rom

Please write how flash to work OpenWrt. I understand that it works only serial console and TFTP Server/Client and no work DHCP, Wifi, WebUI, SSH and RootFS is read only - right?

I need flash like in WR542G ???

P.S. I was programming already original firmware using SPI LPT:


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The download links (here: Kernel RootFS ) are not working anymore. Can someone post these files again?

wr340v5_linux.bin (there is only wr340v3_linux.bin)
Kernel (custom load address for kernel is 80033800)
RootFS (IP Address is logon with root/ar2317)

I have got problem with wr340g v3. I 've upload wr340v3_linux.bin via website, but I didn't back it to default settings before (router IP was set to 192 168 0 9). Now its working when I connect it to router with dhcp and to pc via lan, but cannot ping and telnet 192 168 1 1, even when trying to get into redboot nothing happen... only "192 168 1 1 HOST UNREACHABLE" response, any solutions?

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Hi! Can you help me? I have wr642g with wan port broken. If it's possible i would like to use it as WiFi-repeater (to catch other router's wifi and then connect by cable to my pc). If i'm not mistaken this is it's specs
Maybe model of flash and ram can be different - i don't know, but in generally like this: atheros ar2318, 2 mb flash and 8 mb ram.
I wanted to try this issue
But links are broken, i couldn't download images. Can you help me? Maybe you could make openwrt image exactly for my case and tasks? I would be very grateful

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You need to know exactly what is inside your wr642g. Good internal photos would be enough. Depends off there 2 different solutions for you.

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